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The path to wellbeing

You Have The Power! business leader entrepreneur leadership productivity Nov 17, 2021


Stop giving your excuses power over your life!


Break the chain of limitations!


Looking to live the life you deserve?

Schedule a free strategy session today!



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Pass or Pursue business leader entrepreneur leadership productivity Nov 15, 2021

Have you ever felt over committed and over extended?

Have you ever felt unsatisfied… even while in the middle of multiple projects?

Entrepreneurs can be the most innovative, creative, and driven individuals, yet many have a tendency to be guided by every opportunity that comes along.


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I ain't got time for that! business leader entrepreneur leadership productivity Nov 05, 2021

 How do you prioritize your well-being?

I remember working, working, working and rarely stopping to just focus on…me.

Family and friends would suggest over and over again that I needed a break.

But I was consumed in a non-productive mental loop!

I felt guilty when I wasn’t...

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Doing What Brings Me Joy! entrepreneur stress Mar 31, 2021
As the pandemic slowly rearranged my 2020 "Master" Plan, I remember staring at a blank page of my sketch pad - wondering..... hmmm….what’s the plan? what’s next
Have you ever floated from one idea to the next, while feelings of frustration, uncertainty, and even...
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Are you Busy or Productive? entrepreneur leadership productivity stress Mar 31, 2021
Have you ever felt like you're working all the time but…..
don't seem actually to get much accomplished, at the end of the day?
Daily, someone is sharing with me how busy they are. They describe how their day is filled with bouncing from one project to the next, multi-tasking...
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