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 I'm Coach Lisa!

I help my clients to Achieve More w/ Every 24


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Achieve More w/ Every 24


Be a High Performer and Reach Higher Levels of Achievement in a Much Shorter Period of Time

Bright Moments Tribe

Face it, too often we are not intentional about our personal growth.
That's why you're often frustrated - and not growing as FAST as you want (or need) to!


 That's why I formed the Bright Moments Tribe! 


A small group of professionals who want to Achieve More W/ Every 24! 

Executive Coaching

1:1 sessions catered to your individual goals and needs.
No matter how motivated or talented, most find having a coach helps to reach a higher level of achievement in a much shorter period of time.
Build momentum and increase your productivity!
Start Your Transformation Now!

Leadership Development

The way we do business has changed!  
Empower your leaders with high performing tools of resilience, adaptability, and more!
Equip leaders with the tools to really make a difference in your organization!
Nurture the mindset to effectively lead through transitions!

Get results faster with a Coach and private community of like-minded professionals!

Bright Moments Tribe

  • New WEEKLY Online Course*
  • Weekly interactive challenges to keep you growing
  • PLUS Private Online Community Group 
  • PLUS Watch courses and save your progress via Mobile App.
  • Sign up today for TWO additional BONUSES!!
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Executive Level

FULL Tribe Member Benefits
Weekly 1:1 Executive Coaching 
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Leadership Development

The way we do business has changed!
Now more than ever, it is important that managers/leaders are equipped with the tools of resilience, adaptability, and the ability to effectively lead through transitions.
Our training is designed to address concerns and its impact on employee performance, interactions and the team dynamic.
  • Group Workshops
  • 1:1 Leadership Coaching
  • Online Courses
  • Customized hybrid training/coaching
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