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 It's time to close the gap between where you are...
and where you desire to be! 

Do you want to thrive...but find yourself actually doing all you can just to...survive?


Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated because it seems even with all you do...you are still not progressing?


You are not alone. 

Now, more than ever...

Entrepreneurs are feeling isolated, frustrated, experiencing self-doubt, and many are suffering in silence.

That's why I developed...

"The Essence of an Entrepreneur"


Courses, Coaching & Community

Empowering the mind, spirit, and soul of business leaders.
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 I'm Coach Lisa!

As an entrepreneur, I have experienced the challenges of staying focused when disappointed, maintaining motivation during uncertainty, and the pressure of...

More about me

I was working a full-time job and Coach Lisa "saw" me!  She believed in me and I hired her as my Coach and now I'm an Entrepreneur doing what brings me joy!

~Nicole R.

 "Bright Moments helped me develop as an Entrepreneur and as a person......Coach Lisa knows her stuff and helps me move the needle forward!!"

~Chef Cheryl T.

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