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I'm Felicié Bright


I've always been driven.  I always knew I wanted to go far in life, so I worked hard.  I studied hard, got good grades, and earned a masters degree in leadership development.  And for decades, I worked a corporate job...with a "gig" on the side.

To the outside observer, I was accomplished, creative, and a generous super achiever.  And I was all that.  But what was not obvious was that there were times that I suffered in silence.

I was working, working, working, and never stopping to appreciate..."life".

I was settling for the hustle and the grind...and missing out on so much more!

The Journey

I believed that having a solid business plan, aggressive marketing strategy, and a fancy calendar were enough to be successful and fulfilled...but I was wrong!

I remember one night, it was late, my thoughts were racing so fast that it seemed like car wheels spinning in sand.

I  struggled with overthinking everything!

I had great ideas, frameworks, and charts…but I was stuck. 

I felt insecure, overwhelmed, and my "plans" were not motivating me beyond my procrastinating. 

I kept thinking...what am I missing?


I started a quest of learning how high performers were achieving and sustaining new levels of success.

As I began to commit to the techniques, my lifestyle changed.  I gave up the "hustle and grind" mindset.  I began to have more clarity, more energy, and a greater sense of presence and fulfillment like never before.

I began to experience more ease and my business and personal life.

Excitedly, I began integrating the techniques into my coaching sessions, and my clients were experiencing breakthroughs beyond traditional outcomes.

As a Certified High Performance CoachTM, my clients achieve measurable outcomes, while strengthening their mindset with high performance strategies and holistic solutions!

It's been over 15 years that I have helped leaders to have clarity, build momentum, and increase productivity.

Professional Credentials

Felicié Bright is a graduate of Graziadio Pepperdine Business School and has a business degree and masters in management and leadership.

As a Certified High Performance Coach™ and a Certified Mindvalley Life Coach, she specializes in leadership, personal development, and business coaching.

As a Certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR), she is a Senior HR Consultant with decades of experience developing training curriculum and facilitating workshops.

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