Courage is the ultimate decider when it comes to successfully achieving  your goals.


Do you have the courage to take the risks that will help you get to the next level of business and success?


How do you find the courage to execute on your big bold plans?
Without courage, even the slightest hint of a challenge or inconvenience can create a negative impact within our mind and plans.
Don't sit on the sidelines!
Get in the game!!
Courage allows us to not only master our fears but to become better than what we currently are!
The time is now!!
Don’t let fear hold you back from taking risks and growing your business.
Face your fears and become the courageous entrepreneur you want to be!

Join Coach Lisa for an interactive small group session designed to empower you so that you can:


You are invited to grab your journal, light your candles,

and your favorite liquid refresher!


This session is free but it is not for everyone.


This session is specifically designed for those who want to rise above "average" and soar to being a High Performer in business and overall life.


If this is don't want to miss this session!!


Register for this transformative session today! 


To enhance the experience, this is a small group setting.


Space is limited.

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N. Remble, Baird Avenue Square

"A night with Coach Lisa was just amazing!

She makes everyone comfortable to share personal experiences.  It's comforting to learn that others are going through similar situations.  The night motivated me to handle my own business better and get unstuck!  It really felt like a tribe checking in with each other.

Thank you Coach Lisa for your expertise and Light!

I can't wait for the next meeting!"

S. Watts, Amethyst Consulting

"Coach Lisa is Amazing!

She has a gift and talent of seeing the best in people.  Coach Lisa inspires me to look beyond my challenges and empowers me to utilize my inner strengths to build confidence.  

I had the pleasure of participating in An Evening with Coach Lisa!  I received so much from the virtual meeting and it was a magical bright moment.  Thanks Coach Lisa for all you do.

 See you at the next event!"


L. Zayas, Spanish-4-you

"Being an entrepreneur can be very hard and isolating (even pre-COVID) and sometimes you feel like pulling your hair out and banging your head against the wall. 

"I liked the group. 

It is great to hear other people's struggles and success."

Very nice and hardworking ladies.  Good vibe!!  


Y. Woods, Unique Creations by Yvonne

I thoroughly enjoyed the recent presentation from Coach Lisa on the topic of Motivation.  I would like to think of myself as a positive thinker; however, when it comes to completing certain tasks, I need a little push especially if it's something that I don't deem as URGENT.  

After attending the meeting with coach Lisa, I realize that it is important to know the reason for what you are doing and to give it 100% of your attention.

Thank you Coach Lisa!


C. Tate, Everyday Elixir

Coach Lisa with Bright Moments is a great motivational Coach.  Her daily inspirations keep me going!