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Doing What Brings Me Joy!

entrepreneur stress Mar 31, 2021
As the pandemic slowly rearranged my 2020 "Master" Plan, I remember staring at a blank page of my sketch pad - wondering..... hmmm….what’s the plan? what’s next
Have you ever floated from one idea to the next, while feelings of frustration, uncertainty, and even disappointment fueled your emotions?
In a moment while I was focused on and conjuring up…yet another pivot, I was inspired to write the words "do what brings you joy". 
As the written words reflected back, strategically I thought, “yeahhh…..that would be nice..."
How often during a time of uncertainty, do we make decisions based upon what brings us joy?
Often during difficult times, decisions are made from desperation, need, opportunity, power, and yes, of course money.
Strategically I began thinking..."what would it take for me to do what brings me joy? As I began to focus and brainstorm - the word “courage” came to mind. Hmmm...Courage, the ability, the willingness, the grit, to stubbornly move forward in the midst of uncertainty.
Nelson Mandela puts it this way:
I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.
Courage is embracing the unknown, while trusting that although we do not have the answers, we believe in our ability to figure it out.  
Currently, many folks are speculating about the future, some folks are waiting for others to decide our fate. But not us...we shall make our own predictions!!!
We are the conductors of our lives. We will not just wait around and allow others to shape our future.  We will activate courage, believe in our abilities and tenaciously move forward. 
This is no time to shrink, hid, or spend hours binge watching other folks living their dream.  No!   We must be intentional!  We must have a plan and then courageously move forward toward doing what brings you joy!!
It is said that there are three types of people:
Those who make things happen
Those who watch things happen
Those who wonder what happen.
So what’s your passion?  What’s the plan? 
As you contemplate your next move, dare to take a courageous step! Chose to be guided by doing what brings YOU joy!

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