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4 Hacks to Overcome Procrastination

Apr 29, 2021

Have you ever found yourself delaying, putting off work, killing time and not focused on important tasks until and unless it is absolutely necessary?
How often do you put off a task that you need to do either by doing something else that’s more enjoyable, by doing nothing…or by doing something completely unrelated??


Ouch!  Touched a nerve, did I? But’s it not just you!!  Recent statistics reflect that up to 84% are affected to some degree by procrastination and 1 in 5 procrastinate every day!!


We can be our own worst critics and often think that we’re the only one struggling to keep our focus.  Procrastinating can be challenging and it can pull you down.


It's not just about holding you back from living your dream.  Procrastinating does not let you reach your full potential.


But don’t worry; ANYTHING is possible in life, if you put your heart into it!!


Here are ways through which you can stop the habit of procrastinating and work towards achieving your dream!


Write it down!!

I know what you are thinking, “I know what to do – it’s all in my head!”  I understand that but the best way to help transform those things from your head and heart into action items…is by… writing them down!   


Yes, it’s the first step. Take a blank piece of paper and write!  If you want to take your business to the next level, start your own business, or launch a new project, break the project down into small tasks.  And then, write everything down.  Trust me, you will feel soooo good as you check off those task! 


Get Your Environment Right

Do you need some inspiration?  Create a place that emits positive energy for you.  My personal favorite is to light a candle, plug in the essential oil diffuser, have a cup of ginger tea, and I feel like tackling the challenge.  Be mindful of your work space and explore what you need to get that extra push to achieve more with every 24!!


Celebrate the Checkmarks!!

Don’t wait for big milestones to celebrate.  Achieving the ultimate goal is definitely something to celebrate. But, doing all the things on your checklist for the day is also an achievement. We want to embrace the journey so yes, celebrate the checkmarks. Have your favorite treat, or have a glass of wine, put on your favorite music on in the background…. then close your eyes and say out loud “yeah I did that today!!”  Just celebrate, it does not have to be something big, just do something that brings you joy!



At times, we are so clouded by our judgments that we can’t make sane decisions. When you feel a little stuck and you find yourself procrastinating, it is important to be able to share your experiences with others for motivation.


It is extremely important to have community with like-minded professionals who have similar challenges and can give you the boost you need to clear your head so that you can move closer toward achieving your dreams.  Surround yourself with positive people who are exuberant with positive energy.



So, you can see how taking steps can give you a push to getting out of the habit of procrastinating. Once you realize that you are worthy and can achieve anything you put your mind and heart to, the journey becomes easier.

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